29.5" Bone Balloon



Transform the atmosphere of your Pawty Themed Parties with a touch of whimsy by introducing these delightful Off-White Foil Bone Balloons! At an impressive 29.5 inches in size, these balloons not only add a playful element to your decorations but also serve as a perfect fit for any canine-inspired celebration.

Crafted from high-quality mylar material, these bone-shaped balloons boast a sleek Off-White color that adds a stylish and modern flair to your party decor. The self-sealing feature ensures a hassle-free inflation process – simply use a pump or a straw to bring these adorable bone balloons to life. For an extra dose of festivity, you can choose to fill them with helium, allowing them to gracefully float and become eye-catching elements of your paw-themed celebration.

For optimal results and a longer-lasting float time, we recommend the use of professional-grade helium. This ensures that your Off-White Foil Bone Balloons maintain their buoyancy throughout the duration of your party, creating a visually stunning display.

It's important to note that all balloons ship flat, adding a fun do-it-yourself aspect to your party preparations. This hands-on inflation activity allows you and your guests to actively contribute to the party setup, making the celebration even more engaging.

Constructed from durable mylar, these balloons not only contribute to the overall festive vibe but also align with eco-friendly considerations. Bring a touch of canine charm to your Pawty Themed Parties with these Off-White Foil Bone Balloons, creating an atmosphere that is sure to be a hit with both kids and adults alike. Get ready for a paw-some celebration filled with laughter, joy, and memorable moments!

Balloon is 29.5" in size. Balloon is self sealing can be inflated with a pump or a straw. Can also be inflated with Helium to float! We always recommend professional grade helium for best results!

All Balloons Ship Flat and Need to be Inflated by Consumer.

Materials: Mylar

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